407 Main Street, Farmingdale, New York 11735, United States (Sunday Worship 9:30AM)
Farmingdale United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Open hearts, open minds, open doors

1. Nursery School/Church School

Our purpose is to provide a stimulating environment in which children between the ages of 18 mos. thru 4 years old can grow, play and learn together.  We recognize that each child is a unique person, with his/her own personality and pattern of development.  In a relaxed atmosphere, emphasis is placed on the individual child's natural growth and need.  It is our desire to broaden each child's cognitive, emotional, social and physical development to make a smooth transition from the home to future life experiences.  Through group exercises, the child is able not only to develop his/her ability to relate to their classmates, but also to promote respect and concern for others.  We hope to create the nurturing circumstances to enable young people to grow through Christian Living experiences.
Our Nursery School has been serving the community since its creation in 1965.  The school is endorsed by the Church Administration Board and is governed by a Nursery School Board of Directors composed of church members.
Professional Staff
We have a qualified and educated staff of certified Head Teachers and experienced Assistant teachers.  All teachers are certified in Infant/Child First Aid and CPR by the American Heart Association.  Our Director is a certified teacher and a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
Our Program
A well-rounded program designed to stimulate the child creatively, socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally is planned daily.  Children are exposed to a variety of art media, dramatic play, blocks, table toys, music, circle and story time within a center structured classroom.  We have an outdoor playground and indoor large motor areas.  We enjoy parties, cooking, science and many enrichment activities, including several walking distance field trips.  We hope you come and enjoy our FUN!
For further information, please contact our Director, Diane Mormino at (516) 293-9078.
     Yearly        -3% Pre-Paid Monthly
AM Two Days a Week (2 3/4 Hours) 3 or 4 Year Olds                      $1,850            -(55.50)=$1,794.50       


AM Three Days a Week (2 3/4 Hours) 3 or 4 Year Olds             $2,150            -(64.50)=$2,085.50        $215
AM Five Days a Week   (2 3/4 Hours) 4 Year Olds                     $2,850            -(79.50)=$2,764.50           $285
A 3% discount is applied upon receipt of the FULL yearly payment made on or before the September payment.  There is a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee for each child registered.  All applications for installment, which will be applied to the pre-paid amount or monthly payment for June.  A sibling discount of $15.00 a month will be given on the second or third child registered in a 3 or 4 Year Old Program.  All monthly payments are due on the first day of the month.  Any payment not received by the school by the 10th day of the month is subject to a $10.00 late fee
Please make checks payable to: FARMINGDALE UNITED METHODIST NURSERY SCHOOL.  Monthly payments should be placed in the Nursery School envelopes by the exit doors in the classrooms by the 10th of each month.  Cash payments must be delivered to the Office for receipt.
This class operates by use of tickets which can be purchased from our Director.  You choose the program dates for your child by using a ticket for each day of attendance.  Tickets are $20 per each 2 1/2  hour class.  You must purchase tickets in lots of 5 for $100 after you try the program with the purchase of one ticket to start. There is a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee and the tickets are non-refundable.  A Lead Teacher and two Assistant Teachers lead this AM program five days a week.  We will never turn you and your child away if you come to use our Toddler Care program.  This program is structured with projects, arts and crafts, circle time and snack time.

Farmingdale United Methodist Sunday School invites your child to join us in learning about Christ.

What we do...

The Farmingdale United Methodist Sunday School offers an extensive program that involves all the children in our church and helps them to know and love Christ.

We offer six different age group classes to accommodate Pre-K through 12th grade students.  Each class is taught by two teachers with curriculum appropriate for the age level of their students.  Children attend  church  with their families and are dismissed to their classes for the remainder of the service after the opening prayer and hymn. 

Our Pre-K program is offered to children ages birth through 5 years old while their parents are in the church service.  This class, taught by two teachers and an assistant, exposes the children to God through stories, felt board activities, crafts and other child friendly and age appropriate experiences.

Our Sunday School students are engaged in many activities throughout the year. During advent the Sunday School students participate in a Christmas pagaent typically following a potluck dinner. We offer Lenten programs in the spring and a Vacation Bible School program during the summer.

Our Sunday School helps others by participating in food drives for our own Soup Group as well as the St. Killians food pantry.  We have raised money for Habitat for Humanity to build houses locally and Heifer International which provides a means for people all over the world to support themselves and feed their families.

No one is too young to learn or know God's love and grow in the love of Christ.  We are blessed to have a community of faith that is committed to growing fully devoted Christ-followers...