407 Main Street, Farmingdale, New York 11735, United States (Sunday Worship 9:30AM)
Farmingdale United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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History of the Farmingdale United Methodist Church

Our church began in 1842 as the Methodist Society of Farmingdale led by Philip Ketcham. The organizational meeting was held in his home on Sunday, March 29, 1842 when the land for the first Methodist meeting house in Farmingdale was given to the Society by Ambrose George. Perhaps George felt that a church in the depot area would enhance the area's attractiveness for new settlers, as the only other place of worship was the Quaker Meeting House northwest of the tracks. That property as shown on the Beers Atlas map in 1873 was the site of the church until June 27, 1926. "On July 16 1925 the Old Church property on North Main Street, long a landmark of Methodism in the community, was sold. The sale brought $23,000 into the hands of the Trustees with which to start the new church building." (Wilcock). For the first few years the Farmingdale Society was a preaching station on the Huntington circuit and later on the Amityville circuit. On September 19, 1926 the cornerstone was laid for the new church building: pews, bell, organ, taken from first church and installed as new building progressed. On May 1, 1927, the present church building was dedicated.

Some notable events leading up to the present time: June 21, 1929 - Gethsemane window given to the church by Peter Ketcham; 1937 - New pipe organ installed; 1939 - Became The Methodist Church; 1947- Church sponsored refugee family from the Netherlands to this country; 1951/1952- New parsonage built at 36 Rose St to allow land East of church to be used for the New Educational Building. The 1950's were years of unparalleled growth in the population of Farmingdale and the surrounding area. The Farmingdale Methodist Church responded to this surge in membership by completing the Educational Building on Grant Ave. The building was dedicated on September 9, 1956. Today it continues to serve the church and community with facilities that have been updated over the years.

October 14, 1962: New Concert Austin pipe organ was installed; this was a gift of J. Walter Denton, in memory of his wife, Mae. This organ is well known in the area and is truly appreciated not only by the members of the congregation but also by those that attend organ concerts that are part of the church program for the community.

The 1970's and 80's saw the consolidation of church membership due in part to the change in the makeup of the population and the maturing of the population. Many new programs were started in the church to better serve the community and the congregation. One of the major projects was the renovation of Fellowship Hall and the installation of the elevator for handicap access to all levels of the church. We are one of the few churches in the area that have this type of complete handicap access. The 90's saw a reversal of the population and age patterns of the prior decades. The church population mix changed with more and more new young family's of the 90's becoming an active part of the church. Two of the main activities of the church speak to the needs of both ends of the age spectrum. Our pre-school Nursery is most active and provides early child care for all members of the community. In addition, the 90's saw the start of our Adult Day Care center to serve this growing segment of our community. In 1992 we celebrated the 150th anniversary of our church. The words of Pastor at that time, Ned Eastman speak to us today "I attest that the disciples of 1992 are faithful to the task. They worship amidst a caring and familial congregation. They make their witness to our community and denomination faithfully, albeit sometimes critically. They have demonstrated their capacity to love and to share repeatedly. By their energy, the church house has be revitalized into a sturdy instrument encouraging our work and witness." These words are true today as our church body moves boldly with Christ into the new Millennium.